Sea Duction


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  • Solemnization

    As the morning starts to glow, or the afternoon breeze begins to awaken, or as sunset starts to...

  • Catering

    Sea Duction, distinguished for its graceful and elegant presence, combined with the atmosphere in...

  • Lifestyle Condo Phuket

    Lifestyle Condo is a unique value proposition to our Lifestyle Adventures Asia exclusive members ...

  • Sea Duction

    Step aboard our seductive Catamaran, 44 ft x 22ft x 3 levels of entertaining super luxury yacht...



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About Us

AHOY! Your ocean adventure awaits! 
Our business is to delight you on board Sea Duction, a 44ft Power Catamaran that has 3 levels, – for up to 30 pax, and to ensure that dreams are realized through an unforgettable experience on the sea.With our customer friendly and experienced crew at your fingertips waiting to serve you during your charter. We have operated, since 2007, with over 2500 charters /18,500 passengers on-board. We aim to provide the ultimate in motor yacht cruising combining beauty, tranquility and simplicity to your wedding, birthdays, recreational, vacation, team building activities or business retreats. Enjoy celebrating, cruise into the sunset, delighting in food & beverages, swimming, sightseeing, exploring, fishing, kayaking or sunbathing from start to finish of your charters.